W&J Sloane Exhibition

Rita’s first art exhibit in the US was at W&J Sloane in Beverly Hills.  She donated all 30 paintings to the City Of Hope.  Months later seven of her paintings at W&J Sloane were stolen but never recovered.


Gallery Camille Opening

Five years after arriving in the US Rita opened her own “Galerie Camille” in Beverly Hills.  Highly opinionated art critic Robert Hughes came to the gallery and told Rita that her style was not in step with the then current Modern Art movement in New York.


Portrait of Tricia Nixon

Santa Monica Congressman Alphonso Bell gave Tricia Nixon a portrait of her on the occasion of her wedding.  He commissioned Rita to do the portrait, after which Tricia Nixon sent a thank you letter to Rita.


Leukemia Society Pittsburg

Rita was the featured artist in a Pittsburgh Leukemia fundraiser.  For that occasion, Rita created a special poster titled, “Give So Others Can Live.”  Her Nymphs painting appeared on the program cover.


Malibu Calendar

Rita created a 2006 calendar of the Malibu landmarks and donated all the proceeds to the Los Angeles County Sherrif.  She also gave the Sherrif a portrait of himself that he displayed in his office.


UNLV Exhibition

Three UNLV college professors participated in the opening to demonstrate the relationship between Ballerinas and Showgirls.  The show included a ballet performance by the students and a parade by Las Vegas Showgirls.

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