Provenance of the collections shown here is that they lived wherever Rita lived.  These are the paintings that Rita kept for herself to enjoy looking at in her house and studio.

Rita sold thousands of originals but none are shown here.  In the early days, keeping good records and photographs was not as easy as after the advent of computers.  There are no records of any of the paintings that Rita sold before she came to the United States in 1965.  And there are even a few records of the paintings Rita sold in Beverly Hills in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s. 

Repeatedly, Rita was told that to succeed she must stick to one subject/style/palette.  That would make her easily recognizable by the public – they said.  The only way to succeed – they said.  But they never asked Rita what success was to her.  Ignoring all – Rita painted what she wanted – when she wanted – and how she wanted.  A free spirit.  Still determined to do it Her Way!

Rita’s multiplicity of art is best grouped in these collections:

UNLV – Paintings exhibited at the University (Click to view):

 MORE SHOWGIRLS – Paintings not included in the UNLV collection (See below)

CLASSIC – Rita’s impressionistic view of the world (See below)

PRINTS – Paintings that were published (Click to view)

SCULPTURES – Created in Los Angeles, Circa 1980 (See below)

JEWELRY – Created in Malibu, Circa 2005 (See below)

More Showgirls