The UNLV Showgirl Paintings

Rita wrote this introduction in the guidebook to explain why she started this collection in 2012:

In 1965 I was married and spent my honeymoon at the Tropicana in Las Vegas. An enchanting trip never to be forgotten. Since then I visited many times to see the big Las Vegas shows. I can still hear the female audience screaming when Elvis Presley or Tom Jones jiggled on stage.

I also remember the first time I saw showgirls parading their colorful and revealing costumes. It was dazzling. All the girls were tall and seemed to have been cast from the same mold.

In the late sixties I met a young woman in Los Angeles who left her family and came to Las Vegas to become a showgirl. Whenever I visited Las Vegas I checked on her. She was having a great time. But as time went by she lost her stage magic and her final years were not as glamorous as her first. So in 2012 when I retired in Las Vegas I decided to do something for showgirls. Not all of them are snatched by prince charming and flown to their dream mansion in the sky.

In the following pages you will see my impression and memory of the life and joy the showgirls gave us. Their stride and poise defined the word dignity.

As this exhibition guidebook goes to print I am still painting showgirls.