Rita’s most productive years were between 1982 and 2012 when she was living in Malibu.  By that time she was content with her career, but always trying to climb higher.  She never stopped painting.  Whenever she was between painting large originals — she painted something else.  She would paint over one of her prints, adding more colors and media.

These hand embellished prints would then become unique in their own right because they were different from each other.  Rita then adds to their originality by adding a wet signature.

Many artists employ assistants to do similar work.  Some have their printers use different inks or image overlays.  But not Rita.  She never, ever, had anybody add artistic content to her artworks.  She has strong feelings about authenticity.

Below are 21 uniques that Rita painted in Malibu over her Rendez-Vous lithographs that were published in the 1980’s.  The lithograph measures 30Hx24W inches including a 2-inch white border.

Redez-Vous before enhancements